When asked if he preferred the road or the destination, Hadi Boulos replied, “Both…The road to shape who we are and the destination to appreciate what we have”. Hadi Boulos brings with him over 25 years of real estate development and international banking experience. His unique combination of analytical and visionary skills has made him a prime leader in the US real estate sector. Prior to building and growing his namesake residential communities throughout Florida, Boulos spent the first part of his career in banking; he was Vice President of Merrill Lynch in New York and London, followed by a move to Barclays in London and Geneva as Director before joining Citibank, where Boulos was Managing Director for the Middle East. Boulos has a successful track record in developing and maintaining solid business banking relationships and credit portfolios with high profitability. With a keen business sense and vast banking and risk experience, Boulos understands the dollars and cents of building, along with the need for new construction with modern amenities. His community developments provide both families and individuals with the dream opportunity of home and retail ownership.