Boulos Corporation is a leading property development company with headquarters in Tallahassee, Florida. Known for building beautiful communities across the  Sunshine State, the Boulos brand is renowned for new construction in Tallahassee, built to the highest of standards. Boulos Corporation blends land use, entitlement, and construction expertise with a vision that creates lasting value in real estate assets by investing capital and dedicating resources to projects that bring together, enhance communities and new homes in Tallahassee as well. The foundation of Boulos Corporation is built on the core competency of investment strategy, using the building blocks of significant resources and investment assets that range from acquisition and development to income-producing properties. We constantly strive to acquire insights that enable us to effectively perform in local markets and provide exceptional results time and time again. Further bolstering our presence in the market is our unparalleled network and association with sister companies, which consist of over 500 real estate professionals from a wide spectrum of industries including research, leasing, retail, finance, tenant representation, and property management. Our top-down, bottom-up approach to real estate investment management ensures that investment opportunities are effectively identified and carried out.